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Head-on collision claims three lives on Kheshgi Road, Nowshera

NOWSHERA: Three persons were killed and four others seriously injured when two cars collided head-on on Kheshgi road here late on Saturday night, police said.

They said Salman Khan, his mother Farzana Begum, and Shahid ur Rehman died on the spot, while Gul Rukh, Menhas, Feza Shahid and Aimal sustained injuries.

The injured and bodies were shifted to the district headquarters hospital, Nowshera.

Meanwhile, a resident of Ziarat Kaka Sahib on Sunday did not allow body of an alleged killer to be buried in the village for murdering a young boy before committing suicide in Spine Kane village.

Police said Sultanat, 50, resident of Ziarat Kaka Sahib, had shot himself dead after killing a teenage boy on Saturday in front of his mother and aunt, for refusing to befriend with him.

Police confirmed the news and said the deceased was later buried in Nowshera.

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