Agr. Research Inst. Tarnab, Peshawar

The Agricultural Research Institute, Tarnab Peshawar has been the fountainhead of agricultural development in the province. During its 109 years of history, it has significantly contributed to the economic prosperity of the farming community through the introduction and evolution of high-yielding varieties of crops, fruits, and vegetables, standardization of agronomic techniques, and dissemination of the latest know-how on crop husbandry, soil management, fertilizer use, and plant protection measures. The research findings are disseminated to farmers by publishing research papers, technical bulletins, and popular articles in local languages. Field Days, training courses, and seminars are held periodically to acquaint the extension staff and the farmers with the latest research finding in various disciplines of agriculture. In addition, Radio and TV talks are also delivered for the same purpose.

The farming community of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in general and the CentralAgro-Ecological Zone of the Province, in particular, are our clientele. Our scientists strive to discover ways and means to enhance agricultural productivity and improve product quality. Our scientists always value feedback from the farming community to align their research program to the actual need of the farmers. Farmers are encouraged to interact with our scientists for finding solutions to their problems.

We welcome farmers and their representatives to visit our Institute specifically our plant protection and soil science laboratories. Our services are universal, however, we focus on smallholders and risk-averse farmers. Our products include certified fruit nursery plants, basic seeds of approved varieties, plant propagules, and food products including quality honey and virgin olive oil. These products can be obtained on a first come first serve basis at government-approved subsidized rates.

Some of the core functions of the research institute are as below:

  • New variety development for high yield, better quality and high economic return to the growers
  • Development of economical & sustainable production technology packages.
  • Production of quality seed (pre & basic) and fruit plants.
  • Dissemination of technology to the end users

The objectives of the research institute are as follows:

  • Enhance agriculture productivity per unit area.
  • Increase farmer’s income and reduce poverty.
  • Ensure food security. Protect the environment.

Future plans of the research institute are to Generate and disseminate knowledge for improving crop productivity in order to achieve growth, equity, and food security in the agricultural sector of the Central Agro-Ecological Zone of the Province

Annual development plans of the research institute consist upon:

  • Establishment of Biological Control Laboratory for Identification, Monitoring, and Control of Devastating Pests in Different Agro-Ecological Zones of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Indigenization of Hybrid Research Development Technology for Crops, Fruit, and Vegetable (Phase-II).
  • Standardizing Micro Propagation Techniques for Hardwood Fruit Plants. (Phase-II), (Club PC-1 Activity #9).
  • Rehabilitation of Flood Affected Land through Plantation of New Orchards.
  • Research & Development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Technological Improvement in Research and Strengthening of Agriculture Research Stations of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Forms for Public

  • Certified Fruit Plants Nursery:
    • Plain Paper Applications are received till 15th November specifying Fruit Kind, Variety, No. of Plants, and full postal address
    • Reservation letters are sent through Post before 30th November
    • Nursery is distributed from 15th December at a subsidized government rate
  • Olive Orchards Plantation:
    • Plain Paper Applications are received round the year specifying the area in acres, availability of water, mobile number, CNIC copy, and full postal address.
    • Surveys are made for suitability in June/July (Monsoon Plantation) and November/December (Spring Plantation)
    • True-to-Type olive saplings are provided to the selected farmers in August (Monsoon Plantation) and February (Spring Plantation) free of cost.
    • Conditions apply.
  • Soil and Water Samples Analysis:
    • Soil and Water Samples (taken through the specified procedure) are received around the year
    • Name, Address, Area (specifying Village, Tehsil, and District), and Crop/Fruit Species must be provided.
    • The fee for growers per sample is Rs.50/-
    • The fee for students per sample is Rs.100/-
    • The fee for Organizations per sample is Rs.1000/-
    • Recommendations are given within one week.
  • Insects and Diseases Diagnosis Services:
    • Plant samples are diagnosed for insect pests and diseases round the year. Recommendations are given on spot.
  • Germination Services:
    • High-value vegetable seeds are germinated.
    • Conditions apply.
  • Food Processing:
    • Farmer’s produce is processed on payment of the processing fee.

(Source: Natinal print and online media with input from social media and local sources)

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