Liaqat Khan Khatokhel condolence reference

NOWSHERA – A condolence reference was held to pay tributes to the prominent political and social figure Liaqat Khan of Khatokhel here on Thursday.

Member Provincial Assembly Ikhtiar Wali Khan, former minister Liaqat Shabab, Mian Umar Kakakhel and social figures and literati from across the district attended the condolence reference.

Speaking on the occasion, Ikhtiar Wali, Liaqat Shabab, Mian Umar Kakakhel and others said that Liaqat Khan of Khatokhel had rendered great services to the people of the area and had always participated in social welfare activities.

They said that the late social worker along with his close companions had always worked hard for settling disputes and ending enmities among various infighting groups and families.

The speakers said that the services of Liaqat Khan of Khatokhel for the people and the area would be remembered for a long time, which was candlelight for the next generations.

(Source: National print and online media with input from social media and local sources).

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