Flash floods: DC Nowshera imposes ‘Emergency’ across Nowshera

NOWSHERA – (NT Correspondent) In pursuant to an advisory issued by the provincial disaster management authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the deputy commissioner of Nowshera Mir Reza Ozgen imposes ‘Flood Emergency’ across Nowshera district through an executive order with immediate effect in the larger public interest.

In view of the flood emergency, all the buildings of government and private educational institutions, hospitals, public and private properties, vehicles and buildings shall be under the administrative control of the district administration Nowshera. Such facilities will be utilized for the safety and security of public and flood rescue operations.

1. DC Nowshera Mir Reza Ozgen audio public message about the possible flood situation

DC Nowshera urged all those masses residing nearby on both banks of the Kabul River from Pabbi to Jehangira to ensure swift evacuation to safer places at the earliest through an audio message circulated across social media.

2. DC Nowshera Mir Reza Ozgen audio message about the possible flood situation

DC Nowshera has requested residents of Nowshera Kalan, Khatkilli, Amangarh, Gujarbasti, Dubhigat, Labour colony, cantonment board buildings, Alam garden, Usmania restaurant, Baghban abad, Marhati, Zaramena and adjacent locations to ensure to shift to safer places.

DC Nowshera has elaborated that water level at Kabul River could rise up to 400 thousand cusec and may cause backflow and reach till Grand Trunk Road.

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